Tucked away, deep within Chiki Chan lies a not-so-secret bar – Hiki Bar. Here is where you’ll find the ultimate fusion of urban glamour and beachside allure. Seductive, yet still cheeky. Start the night off with our signature cocktail ‘Sun-Ray’ or let one of our crew shake things up for you. Feel the sea breeze in our outdoor lounge or dance your worries away on the dance floor – Hiki is here for you to let loose, let go and make the most of the night.


Sexy yet fun, our cocktail list exudes confidence and will ignite your night. Enjoy a drink or two while you peruse Hiki’s curated tapas menu – made to pair perfectly with our signature cocktails. While you’re here, don’t forget to explore the extensive wine list – hand-selected by our incredible team to feature local and imported wines and spirits. If that’s not your speed, take a gander at our range of craft beers; choose something locally brewed or try one of our international beers – either way, there’s no wrong answer.


To find what you’re looking for, follow the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re kidding. (Kind of.) You’ll find Hiki Bar by walking through the stunning neon archway deep within Chiki Chan. Alternatively, for the less transformative experience, sneak through the main entrance, next to Chiki Chan’s front entrance.

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